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Over the years, our company has firmly established its position in the market, building trusting relationships with many customers, including the largest agricultural holdings in the country. Many years of experience, positive reputation and deep knowledge of the market are the main distinguishing features of our company.

The company was founded and has been operating since 2009

The leading company in the Ukrainian feed market provides exclusive solutions in the agricultural chain "from field to counter"

The company's annual turnover is
more than 15 million euros

The main goals
  • Reliability
  • Openness
  • Innovation

What we do

Our company has implemented a sales support system to ensure continuous delivery of only quality products to our customers.

Based on the programs of our company, we seek, develop and supply products and solutions only from reliable sources that are able to fully meet European quality standards.

Our sales support system consists of:


Our specialists provide technical support, relevant documentation and other necessary information to ensure that our customers are confident in the correct choice of solutions for solving problems and optimal application in production.

Our multinational team of technical experts responds to the customer's technical inquiries, if any, as soon as possible.

Our professional team solves quality problems that arise within the supplied products.

Effective management of logistics chains

Our logistics team optimizes logistics chains at each stage of delivery to the end user, which allows us to form optimal prices for our customers.

Together with premix producers, compound feeds and farmers (our partners and customers), we play a key role in the production of high quality, safe additives and ingredients for livestock and poultry.

We are trusted